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Who We Are

Providence Early Learning Center

(PELC) is a ministry of Providence Baptist Church. Our church was established in 1877 and has faithfully ministered to young families.

Established in 1968, our Learning Center is a preschool, not a daycare facility. We use an advanced curriculum that motivates children to read using phonetics. This ABEKA curriculum is taught all over the world, so it allows our growing families to be able to relocate easily should that become necessary.

PELC offers enrichment programs at no added cost to our parents. The children are instructed in music, Spanish, poetry, and arts and crafts.

Providence Early Learning Center is a Christian, Bible-based, private school that welcomes children of other faiths. Bible lessons and songs are taught daily, and children K3 and older participate in weekly chapel.

Along with teaching the children academics and the Bible, we also teach them to show patriotism and be good citizens, neighbors, and friends.


Our passion is children. Partnering with parents in their God-given privilege of training and educating their children is our delight.

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