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Our Educational Program aims to motivate and inspire your child using the ABEKA program from Pensacola Christian College. We cover various topics, including reading and math readiness, language experiences, Bible lessons and memory work, stories, health, environment and citizenship, physical education, arts and crafts, music, poetry, and other fine arts.

Reading, Phonics, & Language

Our primary curriculum for teaching children to read is the ABEKA curriculum. We use the 6 Easy Steps to Reading method, which has proven successful and exciting for students. This curriculum is Christian-based, and we also prioritize language development and listening skills using 98 topics.

Math & Numbers

Our curriculum focuses on developing number recognition and concepts through manipulatives, games, and repetition. We make learning the number families fun, and your child will be amazed at their math skills when they leave preschool. Providence Christian School offers a fantastic Kindergarten Program in the same building as our Early Learning Center. 



Our Enrichment Lab offers a range of enrichment classes, including arts and crafts, science, health, Spanish, environment, and citizenship. These classes are designed to inspire imagination and foster a love for learning. We use various resources to ensure a diverse and engaging learning experience for our students.

Music & Poetry

The love for music at Providence Early Learning Center is taught to children through a message, and songs are chosen for academic reinforcement, learning Biblical precepts, and physical activity.


The Bible classes focus on God’s creation, God’s love for children, God’s Son – Jesus Christ, obeying God’s Word, and obeying parents. Memorizing Bible verses teaches the children to hide God’s Word in their hearts. We hope to instill in children a desire to love God and a love for His Word.

Providence Baptist Church has fun and exciting children's programs for all ages. 

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Preschool Ages

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